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Help Urgently Required, Chinese 50w and 60w Please

Posted by Moraykidz 
Help Urgently Required, Chinese 50w and 60w Please
August 21, 2016 11:01AM
Can someone please post photo's of the vendor settings for the Blue and Cream Chinese 50w laser, also looking for The black and red 60w Chinese laser settings.
My son was replacing the RDC6442G controller on the 50w laser and has proceeded to knacker both, Both machines work but the stepper sizes are way off.
If you have a 50w or 60w chinese laser as above and you don't know how to get into the vendor settings, It's easy.
Turn on your laser
Start RDworks V8
Click File
Click vendor settings
Vendor password is RD8888
Click Read ( This will retrieve the settings from your laser)
On your screen you will see a box with all the settings and a black dot highlighting the X axis
Take a photo or screenshot this box.
Now click on the Y axis and repeat Photo or Screenshot
and again with the Z axis
Do Not change any of the settings, Once completed click Exit

I hope someone can help me with these settings
As the manufacturer is not interested.

Thanks in advance

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