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Posted by Assargadon 
November 20, 2007 11:53AM
I'm Mironenko Yuriy Ivanovich from Rostov-on-Don, Russia.
I know at least one more person who interested in home 3D printing...russian-speaking person.

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Re: Russia
November 20, 2007 12:03PM
Forum created. Please hop in and introduce yourself, describe your machine, where you get your parts, and what you plan to build with it.

You're also welcome to announce the group on the builder's blog: builders.reprap.org (or not, everyone else has ignored that little note).
Re: Russia
January 02, 2008 01:32PM
I don't think it's right time now to announce Russian group on builders.reprap.org before someone from russia build something reprap-related.

By the way, do I miss the e-mail annoucment about creating the russian group I request, or it never been made?
Re: Russia
January 03, 2008 01:02AM
>I don't think it's right time now to announce Russian group on builders.reprap.org
>before someone from russia build something reprap-related.

If you're looking for other people as collaborators, it may be useful. I'll mention all the user groups in one big posting some time this week.

>By the way, do I miss the e-mail annoucment about creating the russian group I
>request, or it never been made?

There was no email announcement - I never thought to send one out. I'll do that in the future.
Re: Russia
January 04, 2008 05:29PM
Hmmm...I never thinking about collaborators. Russia is too big (and the interest to RepRap is quite small...) for this smiling smiley
Re: Russia
June 04, 2008 06:04AM
у кого-нибудь есть этот принтер? можете деталей напечатать?
Anonymous User
Re: Russia
July 06, 2008 02:50PM
Dart_Veider Wrote:
> у
> кого-ниб
> удь есть
> этот
> принтер?
> можете
> деталей
> напечат&
> #1072;ть?

I also want to find some man in Russia who can print for me some parts, or who may take me some advice how i can make it. I'm from Moscow.
Re: Russia
September 10, 2008 09:08AM
I'm from St. Petersburg.
Re: Russia
January 19, 2009 06:07AM
I thought there are no people from Russia over here. I'm from Volgograd.

I'm an intermediate programmer and I'm going to improve RepRap host software. But first I had to build the printer and I don't have an idea what to start with.
Re: Russia
October 07, 2010 08:16AM
Hi all,

My name is Dmitry. I'm in Vladimir.
Currently I'm slowly assembling small cnc router and looking into building a repstrap.
It is great to have this forum. Info about plastic's source is very encouraging.

Wish you all success in reprapping.. smiling smiley
Re: Russia
March 25, 2013 06:45AM

My name is Laurentiu, and for the last year and more i am following this forum and the buildlog.net.Recently i have bought an eShapeoko from Cvoinescu that im very happy with it(very well packed and best quality and service), but i have realized that if i want to extended or create other cool projects like Delta Ord Bot or Camera slider or just an motorized window curtain, i have to buy more MakerSlide at huge shipping cost.This made me come back to a last year idea(before that Baz have started the Ulule campaign for UK) to make a die for Makerslide in East Europe.Like this i can make the rail and accessories more available for makers in this part of the world.

For this reason i come to announce a new campaign that is taking place on Indiegogo for a new die for MakerSlide in East Europe.I have decided to start this campaign because of the problems with shipping costs and the available stock for this part of the world.I have put some interesting perks for you so please check them out. Indiegogo
A portion of the sale will go to Bart Dring, the creator of MakerSlide.
I hope that you will appreciate this initiative and you will back this project or help me to spread the world.
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