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San Diego Fab Lab

Posted by SebastienBailard 
San Diego Fab Lab
May 14, 2008 02:15AM
It looks as though there is a Fab Lab starting in San Diego.

For Angelenos, Sand Diego is just a bit further away then the normal commute to work, :p , so this may be of interest, if you want to use a CNC mill, 3D printer, or laser cutter to build a RepRap or RepStrap.

Re: San Diego Fab Lab
July 10, 2008 05:21PM
Where is it located in San Diego? I have been searching the internet and cannot find it. Thanks.
Re: San Diego Fab Lab
July 12, 2008 02:26PM
I would love to visit the FAB Lab in San Diego, but I can not find the address any where on the net. Can anyone provide the address please? Thanks!
Re: San Diego Fab Lab
October 04, 2008 01:18AM
This is the adress:

4305 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92105
Re: San Diego Fab Lab
March 09, 2009 07:34PM
Did you find it. I found it under the non-profit organization that runs it. Heads on Fire. It is located in city heights on 43rd st. the number is 619-964-6522/209-7440. I have to call myself to get the hours of operation. Let me know what you think. I want to go myself. J
Re: San Diego Fab Lab
March 09, 2009 07:37PM
Cindy Wrote:
> Where is it located in San Diego? I have been
> searching the internet and cannot find it. Thanks.

For all of those looking for the fab lab. It was started by a non-profit organization Heads on Fire and is located on 43rd in city heights. phone numbers are 619-964-6522/209-7440. Need to call to see when open. Good Luck
Re: San Diego Fab Lab
July 18, 2009 07:57PM
Hello! We are not meaning to be so elusive... just swamped in the day to day. We would love to have a visit from you. Open community intro hours are Saturdays from 12-3. We are currently in the lab everyday with programs, please email us at: fabiola@headsonfire.org to arrange a visit or just stop by on a Saturday.

Please visit us at our physical location:
4305 University Ave
Suite 130

Or Online:

SD Fab Lab, overseen by Heads On Fire:

Change By Design, the (new) curriculum being developed within the SD Lab, for Labs:

Re: San Diego Fab Lab
June 22, 2010 01:51PM
Wow. This place is a hop skip and jump down the street from me. I will have to stop by and see what this place is about!
Re: San Diego Fab Lab
July 14, 2010 06:00PM
Awesome. I will try to make it next time I'm in San Diego this summer!

Re: San Diego Fab Lab
July 18, 2010 11:10AM
They've either shut down or moved- I'm hoping the later. I drove down to the site yesterday and they were no longer there. I've tried calling Katie to get the scoop but I've been getting her voicemail. I will try again.
Re: San Diego Fab Lab
February 17, 2012 07:21PM
From their website, the Fab Lab seems to be quite active still. They seem to mostly offer programs through UCSD extension, so I'm guessing they just use space on campus for workshops?

They don't seem to be doing any 3D printing, judging from their art gallery. However, there's some really nice lasercutter work! The electronics projects look pretty cool too.

Too bad there isn't a SD user group. I'd love to meet some other reprapers down here! LA is a bit too far for me on a regular basis.
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