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Los Angeles, CA

Posted by Wingman77 
Los Angeles, CA
November 25, 2007 12:42AM
I would like to get together with people in the Los Angeles area to start a RepRap group. I have some interesting ideas on how we can utilize these machines to bring awareness to the project and work on solving some serious social issues.
Re: Los Angeles, CA
November 25, 2007 03:00AM
Forum created. Please hop in and introduce yourself.


*Electronic Art Galleries/Artist-Run Centers
**Machine Project
1200 D North Alvarado Street
Los Angeles, CA 90026

*Probably-Interested Group Meetups
Meets the first Saturday of every month at the Machine Project, above

**Robotics Society of Southern California
Meets twice a month on the second and fourth Saturday of the month at California State University Fullerton.

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Re: Los Angeles, CA
May 05, 2008 01:40PM
hi guys,

fascinated by this whole idea.
not building one yet, (too lazy), but keen to get involved with the discussion, and hoping to add a little bit of my mass to the project.

four things came to mind.

the supports, and general hardware for the device could be made internally.
could you print hollow tubes? maybe fill them with mud or clay for mass and ridgidity.

do you think there would be any use in looking at "expanding foam filler", (the stuff that comes out of a can, hardens on contact with moisture), as a rather coarse, but quick curing, printing material. this could print large parts very quickly.

any value in printing "upside down". bee's and wasps do it when printing their hives.

could it print a cheap photo voltaic cell?

would love to have this kind of conversation in company, possibly in the pub.

i live on the westside of LA. My only experience would be woodwork, (but all my tools are in england), and motorcycle maintanance, valve adjustment, servicing etc.


duncan sherpherd.

i did look into building a telescope once, and i can tell you there is already a lot of experience out there with amateur builders and highly precise computer control systems for telescopes with stepper motors.
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