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Reprap Presentation in Bloomington, CA on 12 Jan 2008

Posted by jmarsden 
Reprap Presentation in Bloomington, CA on 12 Jan 2008
January 10, 2008 02:14AM
I'm no good at PR. Fortunately, others are!

Here's a PR email about a talk I'm giving this Saturday
(I didn't write this, or ask for it!). Other Reprappers
and potential Reprappers are very welcome to attend!

BTW, I don't have full Reprap hardware to demo, just the
electronics and a stepper.

If you want to attend, reply to this thread, or PM me
*before* Saturday, please.



Hawthorne Center for Innovation
Fontana area
18211 Hawthorne Ave
Bloomington, CA 92316

Saturday, January 12

The Hawthorne Center, in conjunction with Linux Users Group Inland Empire,
is offering a demonstration of a revolutionary new invention -- a RepRap.

RepRap team member Jonathan Marsden will be lecturing on and demonstrating
his prototype of the RepRap, a rapid prototyper being developed by a team
of international volunteers.

Quotes from the team--

A rapid prototyper is a machine that can manufacture objects directly
(usually, though not necessarily, in plastic) under the control of a

The RepRap project is working towards creating a universal constructor by
using rapid prototyping, and then giving the results away free under the
GNU General Public Licence to allow other investigators to work on the
same idea. We are trying to prove the hypothesis: Rapid prototyping and
direct writing technologies are sufficiently versatile to allow them to
be used to make a von Neumann Universal Constructor.

All good projects have a slogan, and the best have a slogan that reeks
of hubris. RepRap is no exception. Our slogan is:

"Wealth without money..."

Rapid prototyping machines currently cost $20,000+. The RepRap project
is about building machines in the neighborhood of $600. Those who are
interested in a budget-sensitive way of bringing their own robotic designs
into the world should definitely attend if they can.

Space is limited. Please RSVP to Donna at [snipped] or leave a voice
message at [snipped] with the number in your party.

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