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מעוניין לקנות קיטים של מדפסת תלת מימד ושל מכונת כרסום

Posted by david 
אני מעוניין לקנות את הקחטחם ולהרכיב בבית
3d printer and cnc machine.
אני מוכן לשלם למישהו שיש לו ניסיון ויוכל לעזור לי בהרכבה ובתכנות שלהן.
I hope you speak english, my hebrew is very poor, (I'm french)

I cannot help directly in your help, but as I also try to mount a Reprap 3D printer in these following days I suppose it may be interesting to exchange ideas about the problems we'll meet.
There is also the possibility to lend tools each one to the other, I don't have a lot and hope among them there is the one you need
And thirdly it is possible to share some products sold in quantities bigger than what is needed to built one machine

I live in the North Naharya.
contact gerardkemal@gmail.com
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