My Peek insulator clamp replacement is on the Wiki
November 29, 2011 04:05AM
Peek is very expensive to buy.
So I needed an inexpensive way to suport the Insulator on the Huxley Seedling Extruder here is my solution.


Find it on the RepRap WIKI here BIQ_Extruder_Peek_clamp_replacement

Bodge It []

BIQ Sanguinololu SD LCD board BIQ Stepcon BIQ Opto Endstop
BIQ Heater Block PCB BIQ Extruder Peek clamp replacement BIQ Huxley Seedling
BIQ Sanguinololu mounting BIQ standalone Sanguinololu or Ramps mounting Print It Stick It Cut it

My rep strap: []

Buy the bits from B&Q pipestrap []
How to Build a Darwin without any Rep Rap Parts []
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