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Testing Prusa hotend

Posted by gnomadix 
Testing Prusa hotend
March 05, 2012 08:56AM
Hi All,

what would be the best procedure to test the hotend which I bought pre-assembled
I don't have a heated bed yet and have a small sample of ABS (about 30cm)
to try it out

How long do I leave it to heat up before I send a print? or does that happen anyway
do I use Skeinforge to set the temp or do I do this in Pronterface?

I could use some advice or hints at this stage though I 'm probably ok with calibrating
the firmware side

many Thanks for your help

Re: Testing Prusa hotend
March 06, 2012 01:09PM
Do you have the rest of the printer assembled?
In pronterface it would be easy. There is a button for Set the temp. There is also a button to Check the temp. When it gets close to the target temp you could try turning the extruder gear manually. If it extrudes out of, you could click the Extrude button to see that the command works and the gear turns the direction you expect.
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