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Polyurethane extrusion

Posted by Annirak 
Polyurethane extrusion
December 03, 2008 09:32PM
Will the reprap extruder work with polyurethane rod or wire? Or will mods need to be made?
Re: Polyurethane extrusion
December 03, 2008 09:38PM
Nobody has tried using it, to my knowledge. I thought that polyurethane was a thermosetting plastic rather than a thermoplastic, though. Are you sure you aren't talking about thermoplastic urethane (TPU)?
Re: Polyurethane extrusion
December 03, 2008 09:47PM
I believe that polyurethane is a thermoplastic, not a thermoset, or at least that some kinds of polyurethane are thermoplastics. I checked wikipedia and it has polyurethane listed on the thermoplastics page.
Re: Polyurethane extrusion
December 03, 2008 10:33PM
All the polyurethanes that I've worked with to date have been thermosets. I was able to run across references to a urethane welding rod which can be used to repair thermoset polyurethane...


and I found the material, itself.


I've had no experience with it whatsoever, though.
Re: Polyurethane extrusion
December 04, 2008 01:46AM
I'm hoping to use a two-part extrusion system, using both PLA and thermoplastic polyurethane.

The contact I've been talking to said that the TPU melted around 200C, would that be compatible with PLA extrusion?
Re: Polyurethane extrusion
December 04, 2008 11:02AM
You'd have to ask Vik, that one. I've not worked with it personally. Keep in mind though that the melt temperature for plastics we've worked with this thus far is typically considerably less than what we have to attain to extrude them effectively.
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