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HighResolution herringbone gears

Posted by ronanwarrior 
HighResolution herringbone gears
June 01, 2013 09:03PM
So I was bored and did not like seeing the facets on the sides of the small herringbone gear I have been printing recently so I decided to do something about it. I got all my orginal files from Lulzbot http://download.lulzbot.com/AO-101/hardware/printed_parts/source/ since it was with their files that I notices the facets on the gears. Granted I realize that this is not really a problem that plaguing the community or anything like that, but still the changes I made to the openscad file could be use for someone else project. So here you go.

Sadly I can't directly upload the stl's here since the high res versions are a wee bit larger than their originals and over the forum limit. So you will either have to export them yourselves from openscad or get them from thingiverse for now http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:97377.

Now some might find this excessive but I prefer letting Slic3r to decide where to make the cuts on the resolution. Especially since I know the original lower res version is completely functional. I have not gotten to print them out yet but I will try to get around to that on monday and let everyone know how it goes.

Number of facets for
Original large herringbone gear:5478 --- 386kb
Highres large herringbone gear:11209 --- 2986kb

Original small herringbone gear:744 --- 80kb
Highres large herringbone gear:2024 --- 719kb
open | download - parametric_involute_gear_v5.1.scad (18.3 KB)
open | download - mendel_misc.inc (5 KB)
open | download - Herringbone_gears_hi-res.scad (5.5 KB)
open | download - herringbone_small_gear-1.0-highres.png (37.4 KB)
open | download - herringbone_large_gear-1.0-highres.png (95.9 KB)
Re: HighResolution herringbone gears
June 03, 2013 08:24PM
Well tested out the high resolution small herringbone gear today and I would have to say it did make a noticeable difference. I printed out a copy of the older low res herringbone gear and then using the same slicer config printed out the high res gear. I think the biggest thing that the higher resolution gear at higher speeds/accelerations. With the lower resolution gear I was already approaching the speed limit going too fast was making the sides of the hub more wavy. With the high res gear I think I might be able to bump up the speed a bit more and still get good results.


open | download - 20130603_161248.jpg (377.6 KB)
open | download - 20130603_161345.jpg (315.4 KB)
Re: HighResolution herringbone gears
June 14, 2013 09:40PM
That is very interesting, I've always noticed those facets on my gears thinking it might be nicer to get a higher resolution model to print from, just glad to see a good comparison.

I might have to give a try.
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