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printing support material with skeinforge

Posted by unfold 
printing support material with skeinforge
August 11, 2009 01:05PM

I was asked to print a series of models that show various computational stages of a 3d object. The models a very bulky so suitable for printing, the only problem is overhangs. I have been trying with Skeinforges support setting but cant find satisfying parameters. Anyone has tips on using Support material? Temperature settings for ABS etc.

Thanks for the help!
Re: printing support material with skeinforge
August 11, 2009 02:52PM
... i'm trying with LOM-fabbing or laminating thin rectangular sheets of material and cutting only the contours and some additional lines in the outer area for dismantling the object from the surrounding material.

For this i made an 'inverse' STL, where i constructed a cuboid embedding the object and skeinforge 'filled' only the outer areal with honeycomb lines.

As result you would receive a block of stacked sheets where by breaking through the honeycombed outline you will unwrap the inner object.

This will be as strong as the sheet-material with the adhesive between ...

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