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DMLS now on Video - Learn It here... Actually is a Funny Video lol

Posted by Tim Ruffner 
I know you all have been wanting to learn more about the process so you can build your own machine...which I am very excited about.

Here you can learn about DMLS - Direct Metal Laser Sintering

GPI Prototype Made this Video...Its in the works but here it is so you can check it out, I also posted a reply to the DMLS link!


Tim Ruffner
GPI Prototype
So I took all your comments into thought, edited the video and BAM here it is. I know it still might be a little cheesy, however you can tell we made some big changes. Here's the deal. If you can guess JUST 2 of the changes we made, I'll hook you up with a $50.00 credit toward any prototype service here at GPI. It may not seem like a lot but hey it's something (also a thank you for taking the time in watching both videos). Rate the video on youtube please and post a comment. If you are guessing on the 2 changes then please add me to your network on linkedin using this email. TimR@gpiprototype.com

Here is the Link. Please let me know what you think. (yeah I made that rhyme)


Thank you so much for participating, your feedback obviously was taken into effect, which is why I edited the video. I appreciate it very much!

Tim Ruffner
GPI Prototype - DMLS - Direct Metal Laser Sintering
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