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Kapton tape gives off bad fumes

Posted by Grogyan 
Kapton tape gives off bad fumes
May 01, 2010 05:43PM
Just wondering if anyone else has come across using Kapton tape to the extent that it will always give off bad fumes.

I turned on my extruder for the first time a couple of days ago and it leaks, leaking the adhesive which I believe maybe causing the fumes.

Not sure exactly what I have done but i'd like to not have to sniff these fumes when the printer is actually going, any clues would be helpful?

Re: Kapton tape gives off bad fumes
May 01, 2010 06:47PM
The adhesive on Kapton tape is silicone I believe. Both silicone and Kapton are pretty high temperature but nichrome can easily get red hot if it not well thermally coupled.

Re: Kapton tape gives off bad fumes
May 01, 2010 08:06PM
On my heated bed, I find that NEW Kapton tape always creates bad smelling fumes. After a few hours of heating the fumes seem to go away. In any case, the bad smell led me to build a fume extraction system.

Possibly related: I have a hard time getting the Kapton to stick to ABS for more than one day. The first day, it works great, then begins to degrade pretty quickly. I pretty much have to replace it every day.

I'm hoping Nophead has some luck with the PET tape!


Re: Kapton tape gives off bad fumes
May 01, 2010 09:07PM
This is weird. I don't get any fumes from a Kapton bed. The temperature is too low to affect the tape, which is rated for 260C. Also mine work for weeks or months before degrading.

One thing I have found recently is that white ABS from reprapsource.com does not stick to Kapton as well as the natural ABS I have used before. I have to increase the temperature to 140C to get it to stick. When it is cooled I can easily remove it, whereas with natural I had to sometimes knock it off with a hammer.

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Re: Kapton tape gives off bad fumes
May 02, 2010 02:30PM
Not sure what you mean by thermally coupled, as when I wrapped the nichrome over the barrel with the kapton tape at the same time, I tried to get the coils as close together as possible, though this resulted in 2 layers of coils for 6 ohm wire in a 10mm gap on the barrel.

It also doesn't help much when the thermocouple reads 50 degrees too low.

I could just use straight fire cement if need be, but before I do also need to know if its best to have thermocouple underneath the coils of nichrome or above?
Currently i've stuck the thermocouple directly onto the nozzle with fire cement
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