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Need help with extruder puke

Posted by PimpKittah 
Need help with extruder puke
October 29, 2010 08:51PM

ive currently having a little problem inorder to perfect my printing.
The extruder works and operates, currently running PLA...But once the layer is done it drools about 1-2cm of filament and the once the extruder tries to print its next layer the drool hangs on to the build causing deformation ... etc...

Im not sure but i believe that the speed of the filament feed might be the issue as it continues to drool after the "push" and even if reverse is applyed.

So first question where can i adjust the speed? all settings in the software seem kinda legacy? do i need to tamper in the firmware ?
Any other ideas how to improve my print?

Im using the following extruder [www.reprap.org]
and my nossle size is 0.3mm (extrudes 0.35mm filament)

For those that need a pic ill upload a vid once my internet starts to work again (running cellphone internet atm..)
Re: Need help with extruder puke
October 30, 2010 03:48AM
Seems like it isn't reversing far enough. PLA also tends to ooze by gravity if it is too hot.

Re: Need help with extruder puke
October 30, 2010 01:22PM
If i turn down the temperature any more i cant get it to stick to the buildplate (dont have an heated bed yet) currently melting Ultimachines pla at 225C (according to probe and temp table created using datasheet, and i dont have Resistor fix to make more linear value as explained in some of your posts)

Currently have a 4mm ALU plate with Blue Scotch tape as build surface. (Acrylic one bent and caused to much instability issues)

Not sure if Reverse seem to help only thing it seem to cause is slowing down the build of the solid layers dont know why havent done this before.

Ive included my config and my objects test gcode (the one im using currently to test print)
despite the config im not using any infill atm when testing. (trying to fix outline issues first then infill issues)

for the vid of the drool i had to use my iphone and try to capture what goes wrong (sorry for the "blur" of a picture) the drool can be seen at the end of the video (last 10 sec) not too sharp =( se link

dont really know why the "inkbloob" is formed in the begining (this is causes by my latest gcodes due to some change?) but if i remove it the build looks much much better and is easier to attach itself .i believe its layer 1-2 that are missformed ?


Clip is still processing but should be done soon...
open | download - nytest7-225.gcode (337.1 KB)
open | download - reprap.properties (10.8 KB)
Re: Need help with extruder puke
October 30, 2010 04:05PM
I don't use any of the reprap software so can't help you with the settings but here are the differences with what I do: -
    I reverse much faster than I extrude and fast forward exactly the same distance at the start of the next filament.
    I don't reverse as far as you do. I back up the feedstock drive 0.75mm at 10mm/s.
    When extruding onto blue tape I do the first layer at 220C so it is runny enough to stick and the rest at 190C so it solid enough to span the gaps between the infill.
    I don't home between layers and my z-axis moves at 5mm/s so it doesn't have time to ooze between layers.

You can see the differences at the end of this video: -

Re: Need help with extruder puke
October 31, 2010 06:19AM
Well since reprap software dont support temp change after layer X im guessing i gotta do this manually or simply write myself a script for it
Home after each layer dont know about that but probably an instruction somewhere
about the reversing i dont know where to change the settings, and still we dont use the same extruders tongue sticking out smiley

simply put i should stop using reprap host software? tongue sticking out smiley
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