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Print PLA into PETG?

Posted by DaHai8 
Print PLA into PETG?
January 28, 2017 09:51AM
Anyone tried printing PLA onto PETG?
I want to print an object in Black PETG up to a certain layer height and then switch to Grey, but I don't have any Grey PETG. So how about Grey PLA?
Will it laminate?
Anyone have any experience with this?
I've done a couple web searches and come up empty.
Re: Print PLA into PETG?
February 05, 2017 04:37PM
PLA will stick to PETG while it is hot, but when cold it will delaminated very easily.
(having found that, I'm using PETG with PLA as support material)

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Re: Print PLA into PETG?
February 06, 2017 03:00AM
Two good things to know!
Thamks for the info.
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