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HDPE Additives for better production

Posted by Demented Chihuahua 
HDPE Additives for better production
December 18, 2007 10:53PM
I was browsing around in the campus bookstore on a work break--I'm working there over winter break, gotta have cash to do reprap!--when I stumbled across a book on injection molding of plastics in industry. Now, this class is in my major though I'm not there yet. Being interested through RepRap by plastics, I picked the book up and started leafing through it. What do I see, a section on resin additives of HDPE. I figured I'd do a little more searching to see what I could find.

First site I find is


Where a bit down the page it mentions that HDPE with pigment added has better mechanical properties than non-pigmented HDPE. Cool and a good reason to add color.

Digging a little further I came upon this.


Interesting reading--for the most part, some of the math was a little beyond me at this point--and definitely relevant even though it deals with injection molding.

I might just have to buy the book I was looking at to get more detailed information about such things but I was wondering if this had been tried/thought of in this context and how we might go about testing it if need be. Any ideas

Re: HDPE Additives for better production
December 19, 2007 01:24AM
... good point for nopheads HDPE-warping-posts: [builders.reprap.org]

Re: HDPE Additives for better production
December 19, 2007 12:56PM

i'll have to see if i can get RepRap green in the next HDPE order i place =)
Re: HDPE Additives for better production
December 30, 2007 09:21PM
Hey DC/Zach, DC's myspace page says "Starting a Juggling Club!". Funny connection.
Re: HDPE Additives for better production
December 31, 2007 03:35PM
Ah yes, ye old juggling club. Not much came out of that. Hard to find dedicated people who want to throw (cough!) away their life. I perish!

dear sir,
We require High Density Polyethylene soltex T-60-2000 for the use in natural rubber compound additives
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