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open scad stl manipulation help

Posted by robinmdh 
open scad stl manipulation help
December 02, 2011 06:16PM
why does this bit of open scad no work while the union of the same does?

//union() {
intersection() {
//difference() {
    translate([0, -50, -25]) cube([35,100,35]);
    //translate([0, 0, 0]) 
    scale([10,10,10]) import_stl("0054.blend.stl", convexity = 0);

username: guest pw: tseug

the file is creative commons I believe from [www.entoforms.com]

I simply want to cut it up efficiently so i can print it, and high res images are giving me headaches in that regard, any ideas?
Re: open scad stl manipulation help
September 19, 2012 12:03AM
If you want to cut it to print, then the import_stl needs to be above the cube. Difference removes the 2nd 3rd... object from the first object.
difference() {
    scale(...) import_stl("0054.blend....);
    translate([0,-50,-25]) cube(...);
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