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Nurbana makefile

Posted by murrayd 
Nurbana makefile
December 04, 2011 07:51AM
Six and more years ago, a guy named Justin Shumaker wrote and developed a program called Nurbana. It's a spline surface editor that used Rhino's.3dm format natively, as Moment of Inspiration does now. This was back about the time that Rhino V2 was released. Nurbana used a Blender-like interface. Justin stopped developing Nurbana when he left university and abandoned it, and I hadn't realised that he'd left his sources on Sourceforge, where I found it the other day. Nurbana was pretty good six or seven years ago, and I'd like to compile it and see if it lives up to my nostalgic memory, and whether the sources are worth trying to integrate into freecad. But, the makefile is pretty messy and I don't know how to go forward with it. Does anyone have some knowledge or advice that you're willing to share, or willing to take a look at it?
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