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Multi color extruder question

Posted by roontoon 
Multi color extruder question
May 09, 2014 02:42PM
Do you have to make accommodations in your 3D software such as Blender if you are printing with multiple colors. I really haven't seen any info on the design of the object or creation of the g-code for multi color objects. Would someone point me in the correct direction? Thanks!
Re: Multi color extruder question
December 05, 2014 08:33PM
I am not sure about your question, but I won't let that stop me (ha ha)

I use slmplify3d. I have a two head printer.

I make two models, identical, name them something like red sprocket and green sprocket, import them, superimpose them, make two setting files, ( the settings that the printer uses to print) Command one to print to a certain height, then call the next and have it print from the other heat to the next height. I could imagine identical superimposed files with filament changes to the idle head while the active head is working to print a vertical rainbow.

If you only need to alternate colors, no idle head filament changes needed, just a superimposed model for each Z height change, I think.

This only works if the colors are separated vertically by layers. I saw a tutorial on the Simplify3d site, I did not discover it, only copied it and it worked
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