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New 3D Print Slicer (kiri:moto) and modeler (meta:moto)

Posted by grid.space 
New 3D Print Slicer (kiri:moto) and modeler (meta:moto)
February 02, 2016 10:16PM
I've created a new set of tools that includes a 3d print slicer (kiri) that also handles laser cut layouts and 3 axis CAM milling (to be released next week). This tool is primarily different because it’s all in-browser javascript/webgl and requires no software installation. It can also queue directly to Octoprint and another spooler that I wrote for Makerbot printers. I’m releasing new code a few times a week with new features. Another tool in early development is a block modeler that allows STLs to be used a building blocks. I used that tool (meta) to design some of my furniture. Kiri (the slicer) is free in the Onshape App store. It allows for a smooth workflow from design to direct print/cut/cam all in one browser tab.

The slicer/cam: [grid.space]
The modeler: [grid.space]
The site: [grid.space]

I hope you enjoy! Please provide feedback on how this can be made better.
Re: New 3D Print Slicer (kiri:moto) and modeler (meta:moto)
December 22, 2016 05:58AM

Maybe a little late for this post but I have discovered that yesterday and give a try today.

Normally I don't like cloud stuff, but after I've tried onshape and now kiri:moto, working with a really cheap acer chromebook (running linux). Slicing & 3D modelling is too resource hungry.

So to finish, thanks for kiri:moto! This cloud app seem really good, fast, now, i just need to test gcode output smiling smiley
Re: New 3D Print Slicer (kiri:moto) and modeler (meta:moto)
March 14, 2017 08:03PM

Is this available open source.

It would be nice to integrate in to a web site for requesting a print rather than uploading an stl and running it throug slic3r
Re: New 3D Print Slicer (kiri:moto) and modeler (meta:moto)
July 05, 2020 10:39AM
Yes, the project is entirely open source at [github.com]

It is common for sites to iframe Kiri:Moto

It is integrated into Onshape, Thingiverse, and Simplyprint this way

There is also a new OctoPrint plugin

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