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Program for measuring distances in .jpg

Posted by Hilarum 
Program for measuring distances in .jpg
March 29, 2016 05:38PM
Hey, at first I am Manuel. I am 22 years old and live in Germany studying Biopharmaceutical Technology.
For a few month I am thinking of building a 3d printer and read a bunch of threads. I am in progress of building a super sheap one out of electronic scrap and a few new parts. I am sure I will give you some information, when I have finished.

Now to my question.
I found these brackets (picture attached) in my local hardware store and want to see if I can use them for a core-xy build. Is there a program where I can set the length of one side and it gives out the measurements for the other distances?
Hope one of the CAD-brains can help me.

Thank you,

PS.: I hope I have posted into the right forum section.

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open | download - bracket.jpg (449.8 KB)
Re: Program for measuring distances in .jpg
March 29, 2016 07:45PM
CAD isn't needed for such a task since you have a scale in the picture -just use it to check the other dimensions. Use a compass, dividers, or just marks on paper to pick of the size of the photographed bracket and move the compass, dividers, or marked paper to the scale and read of the size.

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Re: Program for measuring distances in .jpg
March 30, 2016 12:37PM
Thank you for that quick answer, I have sent you a pm.
Re: Program for measuring distances in .jpg
March 30, 2016 04:06PM
You can load a JPEG image into OnShape (http://onshape.com), then scale it to whatever units you want. You can then (manually) convert the image into a CAD drawing, and use that to build your 3D CAD model, so that you don't actually need to measure any of the other dimensions. OnShape is full-featured and free (with a few limitations on file numbers and size).

This does all depend on the quality of your photograph... distortion due to the angle at between the camera and the object, or due to the lens, will of course be present in the image.
Re: Program for measuring distances in .jpg
March 31, 2016 04:33AM
Thank you for that answer too. I will test it out on the weekend, when my exams are over.

I have tested to load in a jpeg in Inventors, but it do not like jpg grinning smiley, so I thought OnShape won't like them too.

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Re: Program for measuring distances in .jpg
April 05, 2016 01:29PM
You can load the image in a vector drawing program like Inkscape, then sacale the image and take the rest of the measurements.do not use a 3D cad software for 2D CAD jajaja.
An advice the next time you take a picture try to kill the perspective, you can kill-it in photoshop but the less perspective you have the better.
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