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My bloat-free STL viewer

Posted by Krishty 
My bloat-free STL viewer
December 03, 2017 03:54PM

I wrote my own STL viewer for Windows: [papas-best.com]

The reason is, I need to browse folders full of STLs and I was dissatisfied with the performance of common STL software.

My viewer, on the other hand, is very fast and opens the next file in a folder with the right arrow key (much like the photo gallery).

It was helpful to me, and I hope it’s helpful to you. If not, drop me a note and I’ll try to improve it!
Re: My bloat-free STL viewer
December 23, 2017 06:25AM
This works great!
Re: My bloat-free STL viewer
January 13, 2018 08:05AM
Thank you! I’m always glad when it helps.

I’ve updated Papa’s Best STL Viewer, and it can now render solid outline/wireframe views of the STLs. Compatibility has been improved, and many small bugs have been fixed.

You can download and install the setup from [papas-best.com] to update smiling smiley

(snapshot attached)
open | download - 2018-01-13_teaser.png (184.5 KB)
Re: My bloat-free STL viewer
January 17, 2018 12:59AM
Vraiment très rapide, cela ma manquait, Merci !

Re: My bloat-free STL viewer
January 18, 2018 07:24PM
Je suis content que tu l'aimes. Dites à vos amis! smiling smiley
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