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Modify an STL file using HeeksCAD?

Posted by AgeingHippy 
Modify an STL file using HeeksCAD?
April 08, 2011 04:31PM
Hello All

I currently use HeeksCAD for my 3D modeling, and have found that although I can open an STL file I cannot use the union etc functions to modify it.

Can anyone assist?

Re: Modify an STL file using HeeksCAD?
April 09, 2011 08:50AM
It may be that in HeeksCAD, you need to convert to the .stl mesh to a body or some other similar function. I don't know it well. I messed around in HeeksCAD long enough to a figure out a similar process described here (in the context of trying to export a STEP file).

Wish I could give you a better answer.
Re: Modify an STL file using HeeksCAD?
April 19, 2011 09:54PM
Not using HeeksCAD entirely, but still open-source. An .stl imported in FreeCAD can be treated part|create shape from mesh, the result then part|convert to solid, THAT result exported as .step for HeeksCAD. Original curved surface definitions are lost though, so editing a facet solid is realistically limited to boolean actions.

*edit* just had a look at Heeks 0.16.x and there's provision on right-click on an stl to "save solids". The stl can then be saved as an .stp and reimported as a solid. Seems a little roundabout, but less so than using Freecad. It appears that only one .stl can be saved as solid at a time.
*edit again* weird things happening. The above "save solids" procedure works on a machine at work that runs Win2000 Pro, but not on my desktop at home on Win XP.

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