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Vibrating(?) dispensing apparatus (Mandala/etc-floors anyone?)

Posted by danielpublic 
Vibrating(?) dispensing apparatus (Mandala/etc-floors anyone?)
December 22, 2011 04:49PM
Yes indeed, an old idea resparked to life by RichRap blogpost, it would be very Nice to have some form of intricate dispensing device (vibrating?) for all sorts of joyousness-materials. I would foremost imagine a young Buddhist of the wrong mindset on some just "boring" mandala would gnash his teeth, even though we all know who would draw the shortest straw on that one.. but secondly, it would be really interesting to see what stuff one could conjure up with glowinc's green powder. (AFAIK the strongest glow-in-the-dark-material available. Don't hesitate to speak up, back there!) I mean.. embedded uv-leds... and yes of course very large mandalas dispensed on for example slow curing epoxy.... know that is MIND=BLOWN if anything. (*cough*especially licensed under a Free dito.*cough*)
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