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RJ-45 connectors

Posted by mark van den borre 
RJ-45 connectors
June 15, 2008 04:16AM
RJ-45 connectors!
Re: RJ-45 connectors
June 16, 2008 01:46PM
rj-45 connectors are widely available anywhere makeing them yourself is way more complex than buying them - i see little point in printing these also it might be tricky coz of the tiny details and you need metal parts(these really tiny ones)
I do realise that from a technical perspective and at this time, trying to create one's own RJ-45 connectors makes little sense.

I have this dream however, about "email from zero": a homemade device with no externally sourced smart (electronic) parts whatsoever that can send out an email. In its simplest form, that's "just" a telnet session to port 25 over wired ethernet.
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