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Print Scaffolding (Wall-less) Structures

Posted by [email protected] 
Print Scaffolding (Wall-less) Structures
March 12, 2013 10:29PM
I have been dreaming up ideas for "scaffolding" function objects since my first viewing of a 3D print, I found the fill fascinating.
Please tell me if this exists and what the tools are?

I would like to know how or develop a way to print wall-less objects as scaffolding/support, similar to some of the bio-strata projects I have seen. or perhaps a very thin structure like those spring spokes on some gears, but generative and larger.

I am looking for collaborators or contributors!

-I have no idea how to generate a 3d model in this fibrous style in the shape of/from an existing solid STL (To have a fibrous STL)
-and I do not know how to do this on the G-Code compiling end, (To take a solid STL and generate "fibrous" G-code)

I figure I could borrow code from support material generators, as you can even choose different styles of support material
but I don't know how slicer works its magic!

The only ideas I have (to be tested soon) is to make arches or planes then check the "Support" box to force it to fill in the cavernous overhang
I could peel or acetone the walls off an object but that sound like a pain.
I can make a fibrous model, but then the fibres need to be fairly thick, I guess I could use arrays to generate this..

I have an Orca4.3 and a Reprap Mendel.

Some pictures and ideas, To clarify what I am looking towards:



A substrate for growing Mycilium, combucha or other organics into custom shapes (you can "evolve" some mycilium to eat PLA..)

Scaffolding could be dipped in ceramic "Slip" and fired to create easy intricate and organic ceramic objects.

A featherweight frame for moulding felt, resin-dipped fabric or plaster bandaging

Spongiform, flexible masses
Re: Print Scaffolding (Wall-less) Structures
March 18, 2013 04:39AM
Generative Modelling, or Procedural Modelling, these are things i have found.
These are all closed models still, I would still like to hear about shaping the fill if anyone knows anything.



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