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Strap Perfect

Posted by degroof 
Strap Perfect
January 04, 2009 09:02PM
I just saw a commercial for these things: [www.strapperfect.com]

Including shipping and handling, these will run you just over $3 a piece. $3 for what's essentially a disc of plastic with some cutouts. It's unclear why anyone would need more than one, or even why the color matters, given that it's worn under the clothing.

I figure the disc is about 2mm thick and 40mm in diameter, so about 2.5cc. So, about 350mm of filament and about 30 minutes print time instead of "2 to 6 weeks for delivery".

Actually, it'd probably come out better as a laser cut job, if that's an option.
Re: Strap Perfect
January 04, 2009 09:48PM
Wow I am in aw, you came up with a way to silence the ladies and bring sex to our project LOL!

Though there's 3D modeling and 1/3 inflation factor that could be applied! Great next year Christmas presents for ladies you have a passing a quittances with!
Re: Strap Perfect
January 06, 2009 02:01PM
hehe, very nice Steve


Re: Strap Perfect
January 06, 2009 03:02PM
Of course, you could probably achieve the same effect with a couple of bent paperclips and some duct tape. But that's true of most things.

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Re: Strap Perfect
January 06, 2009 06:52PM
at least that's what boys would do.

But the number of boys wearing bras is indeed very limited (at least outside of SanFrancisco and Cologne winking smiley)

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