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Possible choice of a "printable" game

Posted by Lethosos 
Possible choice of a "printable" game
March 12, 2009 08:35PM

Mind you, a CNC that's well-designed can work on something like this; using that idea of melding different colors into one solid unit, we might be able to come up with something. It'll require some work and testing, but it's doable.

*eyes a CNC Instructable and wonders when he can get space to build it*
Re: Possible choice of a "printable" game
March 13, 2009 04:35AM
Hi Lethosos,

... we had some talk about designing and fabbing games - for milled checker-board-pieces look here: [forums.reprap.org]

There are some other designs too, which are easier to reprap, so don't hesitate to make suggestions - it's a good idea to bring reprap in focus as 'game-designing-and building-system'

Re: Possible choice of a "printable" game
March 16, 2009 05:23PM
True, I've read that thread--but I felt this one was more doable using a standard CNC setup intead of RepRapping it. Not many in the way of complex shapes, if you plot it right, really.

The pawns, though, that's RepRappable, considering there's already a STL in the Wiki. But I'm more of the type to keep it "in house"--that is, on one machine, so I'll have to consider what design to do it in.

I'm just happier making suggestions on how to see potential promotional products--the Piecepack is a good example of that, and we are capable of making more complex bits and bobs as we go along. It's just a question of sitting down and making the right suggestions.
My 90-year-old mother enjoys Bridge but her eyesight is poor and she can't always see the cards very well. I've sometimes thought it would be helpful to her to have a "tactile" standard deck of 52 cards in the form of tiles, like dominos. If the suits and ranks were represented by symbols carved into the tile, and preferably also marked with color for the sighted players, she might be able to play more accurately. Seems to me such a thing could be marketable, and I don't see it when I search for it (though they have other low-vision workarounds like cards with large print, or "braille" cards).
Hrmm, I don't have the space to run either a CNC or RepRap (and injection molding, but that's a different bag of worms.)

So offhand, anything that you can mill a surface fill or cutout and not be visible from the back would be an opaque plastic roughly around, say... 3 milmeters on the safe side? You can put a pretty big symbol/color arrangement at Tarot-size layouts on one such, if you think it'll work.

Will have to try that as soon as possible.
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