Things i create and enjoy
May 03, 2009 02:24AM
I just recently learned of the RepRap machines and being a 3D graphics artist makes it even more interesting to me. but honestly my first real thing i'll probably print out is a working tetris board with some pieces. tongue sticking out smiley go ahead say it i'm a tetris head but who isn't.
if your interested in seeing what i make please go to

if you have a working reprap machine and would like to play around with my stuff please let me know. I also also open to requests. granted they are not crazy designs and stuff.
Re: Things i create and enjoy
May 03, 2009 08:41AM
Some nice sword work. I wonder what they'd be like printed out?

You could post some designs on Thingiverse :-)

Then you can get comments, and you can see photos if people build one!


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