Makerbot optimized Mendel print pattern
November 21, 2009 04:38PM
I am hoping to finish my Makerbot Build next month . My plan to to go into full serial production of Mendels. My goal is to have 3 Mendels, and 1 Makerbot all going full blast producing Mendels.

Most people I see printing Mendels are printing 1 part at a time, but is that the most efficient way? What I WANT to do is print my Mendels this way

-Segment my prints into 2 hour chunks. Try to organize the parts into groups that

-Utilize 90% plus of the print area on each print

-Figure out what is the most efficient number of Mendels to print at once. Is there an advantage to printing 6 of 1 part at a time?

Since different parts have different tolerances for variation, would their be an advantage to using different aperture extrudes for different parts?
Re: Makerbot optimized Mendel print pattern
December 08, 2009 04:59PM
Many of the parts will take over two hours to print, so a lot of your batches will be only one part. Many of the smaller parts you need multiple copies of. I believe most people are using the Multiply tool in Skeinforge to print these parts. That only leaves a few parts that can be printed in less than two hours and you only need one of.

I try to avoid grouping prints that take more than 4 hours. My machine is still new and I haven't gotten it super reliable. The odds of a failure in a 6 hour build is high and all the parts on the bed would have to be junked (unless some are short). Printing one object at a time reduces the cost of failures.
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