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Hallucinogenic VAWT Windmill Thingy and Pantograph

Posted by skynetprinter 
Hallucinogenic VAWT Windmill Thingy and Pantograph
December 02, 2015 09:43PM
Hi all,

If you search online for " amazing wind sculpture " you get very interesting images.

And i want to make a Pantogram, which can draw large stencils using the 3d printer nozzle as a guide for drawing.

The wind turbine is perhaps difficult, because all the blades are synchronized, which means that they have a kind of cogs inside them which keeps them all in step. Say if you made one with eight sides, it could be quite large in one print: every blade can be 20 centimeters long, and the part of the blades that clip to the axis, there can be a cog which contacts the neighbor blades. Except, then it doesn't leave room to attach it to anything. So quite difficult!

The pantograph is cool, because, your 3d printer can simply draw large images for you, all on the same gcode... And in between every image, it pauses for a moment, so that you have time to fast put in another paper. In that fasion, it would be possible to draw many large stencils to adorn onto my industrially collapsing town smiling smiley a 4 times increase in the 3d Printer would make 80cm wide pictures.

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Re: Hallucinogenic VAWT Windmill Thingy and Pantograph
December 12, 2015 10:02AM
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