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Open Source 2D InkJet CMYK Printer - is it possible?

Posted by dvseliteus 
Open Source 2D InkJet CMYK Printer - is it possible?
October 13, 2016 05:33PM
After building three 3d printers of my own and getting a good grip on Marlin Firmware it got me wondering why there are no open source 2D InkJet printers?

I don't mean projects like Nicholasc Lewis' build and his InkShield
This is a 96dpi single head printer.

I'm talking about an open source community with firmware and basic components (print head, stepper, ink reservoir etc.) Just like the Reprap wiki's and Github Repositories.
Lunavest had the right idea but they don't seem to exist anymore.
Lunavest 3D Concept - So basically this without the Z-Axis
Why isn't there more info and people doing this out there?

There are open source print heads, but what about firmware, githubs, wiki's and builds?
Yes inkjet printers are super cheap but the ink dries up and is super expensive. The software that comes with it to operate is even worse and getting more ridiculous.
Who needs a built in scanner these days anymore anyway???

I'd like to just have a printer with Ink bottles mounted to the side and print whatever I want with no dried up cartridges and stupid popups telling me my ink is low.
Is anybody else wanting this???
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