Gigant Rubik Cube
January 28, 2011 05:40PM
Hey guys,
I was browing Gizmodo and I saw this:

Ok, at the first look appears be a offtopic thing (to RepRap),

Comprised of 1539 pieces and roughly 5.5-inches-long in each direction, creator Oskar van Deventer fabricated each individual part using a 3D printer, then he dyed and sorted each piece before assembling it into what your see here. The dyeing and sorting took 10 hours, while the assembling took another five.

Does anyone here knows something about internal parts of a big (about 7x7x7 or bigger) Rubik Cube? It would be sweet break a world record with RepRap.

I'm just saying this because Rubik Cubes are quite simple (as quantity of pieces) and each part are small.

Sorry about my bad english, i'm Brazilian.
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