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OPEN SLA 3D Printer

Posted by djKaldor 
OPEN SLA 3D Printer
December 24, 2016 08:36AM
Hello forum I was trying to find designs and resources about SLA 3d Printers (Daylight). There very few designs in comparison with FDM, so i decide to design one and open source it. In this design i am trying to make it very rigid (it is possible to add a second motor on the back, if someone want to make a build surface area and use it with a 15-22" monitor, should also works with a projector). I am trying to keep it minimal on hardware mechanical parts (it uses just one V-Slot) and easy to adjust the height. This Build should cost less than 100$ for the Z-Axis + Extra $ for the screen/projector electronics (Arduino / Raspberry). I estimate that the complete build would go about less than 250$ in total.

This is my first SLA build and i am really newbie with software for SLA so any information would be great help.
Currently working on tilt mechanism. I will also try include all electronics inside the enclosure on top of the assembly.


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