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End of spool

Posted by chaosbc 
End of spool
January 16, 2017 09:28AM
Hi there
I believe it is really a shame that one cannot print the whole content of a filament spool.
Money wasting+no very eco friendly
I tried already the trick that consists in removing the spool to "release the filament pressure" but in the end ....it does not work for me...extruder stills has hard time pulling the filament
So I did an experiment (Be very carefull if you consider trying this....be safe....I will not be responsible for any damage.)
I rolled the end of the spool around my old metal waste basket then heated it with a heat gun.
Results were not what I expected but it was not THAT bad :
filament took more or less the shape of the basket but it looked more like pastas that really perfectly winded filament if you see what I mean.
Still I tried printing and it worked ...well...for few minutes and after this my extruder started to struggle to much to feed the hotend so this is not really a success.
Anyway....I still believe there is something that can be done....maybe heating slightly the filament meanwhile winding it to a more "serious" spool
Sorry if this is a old new idea but if you experienced somthing similar, I would be interrested in the details....

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Re: End of spool
December 05, 2019 06:24AM
do you know the company Palette? they are fusing filament together, so maybe this is possible, too
Re: End of spool
December 05, 2019 06:38AM
... in the "old days" of the forum we tested "filament-splicing" with hot knife-blades -- cut the ends perpendicular, place them together in a V-grove (with a slot for the knife), heat a cutter blade, push it between the two ends to melt them, and remove it again, while (firmly) pressing the ends together cool smiley

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Re: End of spool
December 05, 2019 04:07PM
The original pallette 1 is just a ramps controller and stepper and a DIY looking splicer...
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