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Additive Lathe

Posted by MatthewHall 
Additive Lathe
January 21, 2017 08:40AM
So what if we made a machine that could print on a horizontal spinning barrel, e.g. the printer is to the CNC router as the additive lathe is to the lathe.
This could possibly produce some very interesting parts (gears, turbines, threads) that would be difficult if not impossible to make with a Cartesian printer. I'm thinking about building a prototype machine so I can work on the initial software. If anyone is interested let me know!
Re: Additive Lathe
January 21, 2017 10:37AM
I've seen this done already somewhere, quite some time back. even had you tube videos of it...

Not the youtube I was thinking of... but still3d additive lathe


Skip to 2:40 to jump printing the balloon and get to the printing on a balloon
Re: Additive Lathe
January 22, 2017 01:44PM
Thanks for showing me that! For the life of me I couldn't find anything about it earlier.
Re: Additive Lathe
January 22, 2017 02:17PM
There is another one somewhere, but cant find it again. From memory they where printing directly onto bottles (being a easy glass cylinder to get a hold of)
Re: Additive Lathe
April 23, 2017 09:39PM
Hi. I'm a newbie to the forum and have only just started with 3D printing. I have two printers - a Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus and a Winbo SuperHelper 155L. As a model rocketry nut I am keen to develop a printer that allows me to print nose cones and other cylindrical rocket parts in one piece wherever possible. During my searching I stumbled upon this thread, among others. While my thoughts are for a 'vertical' printer with a rotating bed, a z axis and two autonomous extruders on the x(or y?) axis your thoughts on an additive lathe proved intriguing. So after a bit of searching;

1) [www.scribd.com]
2) [fab.cba.mit.edu]
3) [vimeo.com] - [www-prod.media.mit.edu]

And for laughs, but interesting
5) [hackaday.com]

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