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V-Plotter with RAMPS 1.4

Posted by mnom 
V-Plotter with RAMPS 1.4
April 16, 2017 12:17PM
I want to make Hanging plotter (v-plotter) with Arduino Mega, RAMPS 1.4 and two stepper motors. I'll think about pen lifting later.

There is no problems with the basic hardware setup.

The problem is software.

I've tried Marlin + Repetier, but it didn't work, I couldn't even make single motor run.

Ok, so there are some guides.

Polargraph software release: https://github.com/euphy/polargraphcontroller/releases/tag/2016-03-29-10-23

Using the Polargraph software with RAMPS motorshield - tweaking Arduino firmware.

Tweaking polargraphcontroller to be able to run it on Linux and connect to MEGA +RAMPS https://github.com/euphy/polargraphcontroller/issues/14

The hardware is fully working - tested with ramps14test, motors spin, it's ok.
The problem is that even having polargraphcontroller connected to the board, sending and receiving all the needed commands, the motors themselves do not move. Assembly is tested and working. ramps14test rotates motors around as it should.

Where do I have something broken?

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Re: V-Plotter with RAMPS 1.4
April 17, 2017 07:39AM
The test firmware does not look at endstops

The real reprap firmware will not move if endstops are triggered

Send the controller a M119 command

Any that report triggered, you cant move in that direction.

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