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rc-controlled fpv rover carried by drone

Posted by automotives 
rc-controlled fpv rover carried by drone
August 22, 2017 06:21AM

just wanted to throw in an idea (fully private, no commercial project behind it), here is the description:

A drone like a phantom carries a device for ground movement (earth, water, snow, etc.) .
The drone brings the vehicle to the desired area and places it to to the ground.
The "rover" explores (manually or automatically controlled).
After its mission is done, the drone catches the rover and brings it back to where it came from.
Just like the mars rovers, but here on earth and without loosing the rover... smiling bouncing smiley

The idea shot into my head when I saw this:

Sure, there are some challenges to this (to name some: weight of the rover to be able to be carried, radio connection to the rover, save and exact pick up of the rover, etc.).
But somehow I am sure this is something makers can do without industry behind it. I'd like to build this smiling smiley
Let's discuss.
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