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Graphene bed/pressure sensor?

Posted by frankvdh 
Graphene bed/pressure sensor?
January 20, 2018 02:13PM
I noticed this instructable [www.instructables.com] which describes making a putty whose conductivity varies with pressure by mixing graphene into it.

Now, the putty itself isn't that interesting for 3D printing (IMHO), and graphene powder is expensive ($2-$400/gram), but I wonder whether there's an application of this new wonder-product?

Google also found this paper on a graphene-based piezo pressure sensor: [www.scribd.com]

I'm thinking that something like this [www.aliexpress.com] might vary its resistance with tiny amounts of bending or compression?

Has anyone else looked into this?
Re: Graphene bed/pressure sensor?
January 20, 2018 04:33PM
... before graphene was found, we mixed graphite with silicone rubber, to get pressure sensitive pads or even "actors", which changed length and bending with applied voltage winking smiley

Graphite is essentially graphene (small flakes of) ... but much cheaper and easier to source too (e.g. from a pencil) ...

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