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Making larger parts suitable for higher RPM's

Posted by scoot 
Making larger parts suitable for higher RPM's
January 29, 2018 05:23PM
Hello, I am a noob and have just finished assembling my first printer, an FLSUN i3 clone. One of the reasons 3D printing attracted me is its potential to support my other hobbies, namely pattern work for my home foundry which in turn supports my love of old 2 stroke geared Vespa scooters. Now I am imagining all sorts of applications, including a scale motor like this one a friend in Britain is currently modeling:

The fan that bolts to the flywheel is available in many aftermarket upgrade varieties, but is usually CNC'd from billet and rather expensive. Making as a print offers lighter weight if desired as well as the possibility of editing the vane geometry to try for most effective blower that uses the least amount of power. There are many competing designs & claims on the market, a few shown in the enclosed pics.

My question is whether it's possible to tell any of the slicers available that laying the strands essentially radially is the highest priority? Does it seem that this would yield the strongest part? The fan is about 195 mm in diameter and might see 10,000 RPM from a hopped up motor on a good day.

Any suggestions for slicing and what strong filament a noob might try(have heated bed) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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