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Updating an old MakerBot cupcake - mechanical & electrical

Posted by hephaestus 
Updating an old MakerBot cupcake - mechanical & electrical
July 15, 2018 01:14PM
I keep hanging on to this 2010 era cupcake... Because it's cool, and my first 3d printer and I'll get around to it some day! And I think we can now say it's retro cool grinning smiley

I'm recently realizing my need for a quick prototype printer - something to use to verify designs as I go. You know those it looks about right but let's print an outline and see if it actually fits the space moments.

Spend half my design time waiting on the cr-10s or kossel to be free to do this.

I found a few odd and end posts on similar - anyone have similar thoughts and want to tag team it? My cupcake is fully toast, I ran it until it would run no more. Need to replace most of the mechanics, I know it's Arduino was toast and I think so was the driver for the extruder. But I have a ramps sitting here, as well as most of the hardware to overhaul...
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