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I need a big inkjet/mill for making "shop signs"

Posted by createfiile 
I need a big inkjet/mill for making "shop signs"
June 02, 2011 08:45PM
I want a big inkjet to print "Shop signs"

I want a big inkjet which is able to print "Shop signs" (like attachment) with low cost ink ( or something like ink, I don't know much about)

How can I buy one? What kind of ink should I use?

Can anyone make one for me ?

Example, someone has built a repRap using steps from a broken printer, Anyone could help me on build a big inkjet with low cost?

You can just build small part, and I'll give me the design of big part that I can make locally with low cost.

How much money do you need on this?

feel free to contact me! PM

PS:it's better that the big inkjet support cutting/milling on 2D paper or other easy cutting material and has the scalability to update to a repstrap (by adding a z step motor)
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Re: I need a big inkjet/mill for making "shop signs"
June 11, 2011 07:33AM
Big inkjets or Plotters normally take rolls of paper and print on the end while rolling it out. Most also have a integrated knife for cutting the sheet after print.

You could use the x axis for the print head and y for the rollers but no way this can be changed into a 3d printer later on.

I think you best bet is just to build a big repstrap, use colored pla and a snap mechanism to assemble the signs.
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