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Manual Controlboard Pen

Posted by TheBoy 
Manual Controlboard Pen
June 27, 2019 12:23AM
So i was wondering if anyone would be interested in this idea i have. I want to create a dual encoder user interface to control x and y on steppermotor drives. The idea is pretty simple wire up a encoder to a driver with step and dir pins. use a terminal to split the pulse output on a output b from encoder to trigger the dir pin and the step pin. output a will just be wired to step. the encoders will be on the corners of the board they are mounted to. the idea is to make it 1:1 so for a standard 1.8 step would work with a 200 pulse encoder. if you wanted to scale they can make encoders in various pulses. Z would be wired to a push button and selector switch. The idea is for a welding setup but could be used as proof of concept for most printers/ routers. It could also be expanded to test tilt and rotary tables. Im working on a frame now Ill be ordering parts soon. Looks like it shouldnt cost more than $100 for everything. I can sketch it all up and write a BOM if anyone is interested
Re: Manual Controlboard Pen
June 27, 2019 03:03AM
... hmmm ... "jog-wheels" are pretty common in the CNC-world and pretty easy too to build as DIY -- did this maybe 6 to 8 times in the last 40 years for my then actual machines.

Here the last one, where my youngest son is "jogging" with two axes - [vimeo.com]

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