AV Rack - Profile Selection (Newbie)
August 22, 2019 04:08PM
This is my first time trying my hand with Aluminium profiles to create something myself. I require advice on choosing the right profile. Some suggestions / recommendations would also be great.

Here is what I am trying to build. An AV Rack for 1 Receiver, 2 Amplifiers and 1 Center speaker (See Attached image). Here are some of the details.

Pt -> Profile Thickness
6 Columns -> 18" / each
6 Side Beams -> 20" - (2 x Pt) = About 19.5" / each
5 Front Beams - > (48" - (3 x Pt)) / 2 = About 23.5" / Each
5 Back Beams - > (48" - (3 x Pt)) / 2 = About 23.5" / Each

1 Receiver 15 Kg
2 Amplifiers 5 Kg / each
1 Center speaker 10 Kg

These Loads will mostly be placed on wooden panels, which will be loaded onto the appropriate beams.

For the connections, I intend to use, Angle Brackets + Inside Corner connectors.
The Beams loaded onto the columns using the Angle brackets.
The beams side by side to each other, possibly connected using Inside corner connectors (Something like the pic here).

What profile would I need?
Would a 2020 Medium T-Profile suffice?

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Re: AV Rack - Profile Selection (Newbie)
February 18, 2020 09:04AM
How about using this stuff [www.aluminiumwarehouse.co.uk]. Square section tube with plastic connectors. It comes under various brands, not just the one I listed, and is available in most parts of the world. It's quick and easy to work with, and the tubing is available in a variety of colours which might be more aesthetically pleasing than the slotted profiles that we use for 3D printing. I recently made a pull out filaments storage rack which will take 32 x 1Kg reels of filament so I think it would handle your masses with ease. [somei3deas.wordpress.com]

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Re: AV Rack - Profile Selection (Newbie)
February 20, 2020 06:15PM
but I got a great hifi rack for a tenner, with spiked feet.
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