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Torqspline XY Axis Block Assembly

Posted by Iceman086 
Torqspline XY Axis Block Assembly
September 19, 2011 01:44AM
The Following Post Is Picture Heavy!!!!

I posted this in the Developers forum a little while ago and recieved plenty of views but no replies. I am just looking for some constructive critisism.

I appologise for the double posting (here and in the Developers forum).

I am planning on using Torqspline Screw Rods for linear motion on my X and Y axis. I have been looking around and designing parts and here is what I have come up with.

This is a picture of the final assembly, unfortunatly is is upside down in solidworks. But I threw this all together and I haven't had time to correct this yet. The parts in the picture below were all modeled by me. The bottom piece is a pillow block from McMaster Carr (PN: 1052k11) that I modeled based off of the dimensions in the online catalog. The other parts are all custom designs that will be printed using a friends Makerbot.

The two parallel rods a the Torqspline Screw (top rod) and the smooth Guide/Support rod (bottom rod). The rod on the far left is the Axis Rod. It will connect to a similar assembly on the opposite side of the printer to allow movement along the axis. Because a gantry system is being used, 2 assembly's like the one above will move along the X and Y planes. Where the Axis Rods over lap is where the extruder head will be positioned.

(Top) Torqspline Screw: 3/8" Dia.
(Bottom) Guide/Support Rod: 1/2" Dia.

(Total Height of the assembly is roughly 3.15 in; Center point of Screw to Center point of Guide Rod: Approx 2 in)


Here is an exploded view of all of the parts together.


Here you can see the top side of the Axis plate. The 4 counter bore holes, which are circular and square, are for screws and square nuts to nest inside of. These counter bore hole will help to secure the axis rod in place. The small hole in the center of the counter bores is meant for a set screw which is optional but may be needed.


Here is another view of the Axis Rod Plate with only the bottom plate and the McMaster Carr "Pillow Block".

I posted this in the Developers forum last week and got plenty of views but no responses of any kind. I am hoping to please get some input here. My apologies for the double post (here and in the Developers forum).


Eventually I may end up combining the top and bottom Axis Rod Plates to create one solid block, but for now I like the concept of being able to secure the Axis Rod in multiple ways.

Here is the Motion Flange (my name for the part) that will have the Screw Sleeve placed inside of it. The Motion Flange will restrict the screw sleeve from spinning which in turn creates linear motion when the Screw rotates. The two holes on the top of the Flange are for set screws that will secure the Screw Sleeve in place.


If anyone has any thoughts, suggestions or questions please let me know! I posted this here to get input on the design to see if anyone feels that there are or will be issues with the way that this is all designed.

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