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Looking for a way to do this:

Posted by Gabriel Heller 

I'm looking for a way to make 253 identical pieces, each flat, the thickness of a jigsaw puzzle piece, 1.5" square, and this shape:

This is for testing a game I am working on. Most of the die-cut places I've found won't go to that thickness, so I'm looking at 3-D printing them, or perhaps 3-D printing a die to cut them with. I find a service online that will make pieces for $7 a piece but that makes 253 of them cost more than a month's subscription to "The Mill" a hackerspace over in NE with a 3D printer. Still I suspect it will be even cheaper if I can find someone locally who has a 3D printer. Anyone willing to help me with this? What might it cost?

Longer-term it would be really nice to have a 3D printer of my own. The Huxley seems to have all I'm likely to need. I'm not going for big things here. But, without a printer to print parts with, I can't exactly pull myself up by my own bootstraps, nor can I find where you can get kits. Anyone with a printer interested in helping me get up and running, or an old printer they'd sell me? Or know where I can get the kit?

--Gabe Heller
Re: Looking for a way to do this:
January 30, 2013 03:15PM

I'm not sure a 3d printed die would hold up but I could try printing one. If that worked it would be the best option. Check maker farm.com thats were I bought my prusa v2. Or If you email me the desine files, I could print 1 out see how much it weighs figure out the cost. Then tell you what it would cost to make 252 more. I could send maybe 4 in the mail to you to look at. Then possibly sell them to you through ebay.
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