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New Huxley project

Posted by LCB 
New Huxley project
January 21, 2011 01:15PM
I have just ordered a Huxley kit, arriving next week. Anyone in the cities have a Huxley? Any working Mendels out there? There doesn't seem to be many posts (but maybe you are all designing and printing rather than chatting).

Re: New Huxley project
January 30, 2011 04:25PM
Hi Clay,

I'm just starting to build a Mendel today with my some. I've been researching it for some time and finally bought a kit. Our plan is to build one, print the parts for a second one, and donate the second Mendel to my son's high school.

Good luck with your project.

Re: New Huxley project
May 07, 2012 09:18AM
A buddy and I have build two Prusa's over the last 3 months. Obviously there is a physical difference between the Prusa and Mendel, but the electronics, firmware, software, hot end, ect... near identical. Shoot out a post if you run into a snag. We have learned a lot of what to do and what not to do over the last 3 months. Best of luck.
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