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(USA) SeeMeCNC H-1 kits for sale

Posted by johnoly99 
(USA) SeeMeCNC H-1 kits for sale
November 19, 2011 08:07PM
Hello everyone in the reprap community. I wanted to let anyone who hasn't heard know that we are offering injection molded kits for our H-1 printer on IndieGoGo.com. We managed to make the Engadget InsertCoin: articles as well. I'm sure a few of you have seen our machine, and I KNOW there are alot of you that have questions/comments about it as well. So, I thought since we are going to be putting up all of the CAD files and everything else associated with the machine on our .org site, I thought i would jump on here and let you guys know.

Our mission: To put a CNC machine in the hands of everyone
Why we started with a 3D printer: It's an awesome up and coming technology that is exploding and we want to contribute
What we can help with: Making our style of machine more affordable
How?: We injection mold the parts, and CNC machine the one's we can't

We see that a big part of the rep-rap machines is the fact that they can make their own parts. We understand that they are made with printed parts. We will be giving the CAD files open source to anyone who wants to print our parts...

We are offering our kits with more CNC machine oriented software to drive the machine, because we felt that it would be a better fit for all of the home machinists out there that already have and are familiar with mach3. Also, we found it easier ourselves when trying to figure out how to build one. BUT, you don't have to use mach3. We have an ultimaker RAMPS setup as well, but we just don't have the experience with that yet to be able to talk someone through all that it requires. So, please feel free to use whatever you like with our machines. We'd love to see all the different ways to make a machine "sing".

John "oly"

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Re: (USA) SeeMeCNC H-1 kits for sale
December 06, 2011 09:40PM
Only a few days left for the indiegogo.com campaign.

Side note, there have been alot of peoplebasking if you can use an arduino with our kits. YES, you just need our 100 plastic parts and hardware kit. You will get all the nuts and bolts too for everything, including the extruder. You will need two 6.8 ohm resistors and a 100k ohm thermistor, or your values for your arduino setup, and the extruder and hotend will be complete. So, all plastic injection molded oarts and all cnc machined parts and all stainless steel hardware is included in the $100 package.
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