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[SCAM] Be careful of a seller in China called "ESUN" or "SUN YA"

Posted by aidenyoung 
[SCAM] Be careful of a seller in China called "ESUN" or "SUN YA"
June 11, 2012 02:16PM
I ordered 100kg ABS/PLA filament from this guy:

Jingyang Wu (sometimes called Jack Wu)

Sometimes his company is called "ESUN". Anyway, he seems to have several websites and company names.

What I received was a collection of junks: broken spools, worn bags, all kinds of shapes (collected from different sources). See the attached pictures.

I was very disappointed and asked how to deal with the broken ones (25% spools are broken, totally unusable). He told me that he could not afford to send me good ones and suggested me to fix them using wires. He also said that his distributors in USA repair spools by themselves because they are generous.

This guy also cheated. I ordered all 1.5kg spools. However, he inserted some small spools which are actually 1kg or 1.3kg.

This guy is very aggressive in price, which can be seen from his posts in this forum. He also tends to have "big" inventory because only fool people will buy from him again. Be careful of this dealer!

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we are sorry to see this post here, we are sorry about the broken plastic spool and made you lost and troubles.And made us little sales this month, much bad business .
you treated supplier so severely, and seem to destroy the whole reputation here, and how you treat your customers like kindly treated supplier?you are also a Chinese man, but I won't put your real name here and your webshop, I never ruin my any resalers reputation.we claim business talk.
My english name is Jack Wu, repesentive of Sun ya tech inc co.,limited, no relationship with other company ,or Esun , my register name on forums here is Esunpla, no meaning or concern of my company or other company.

the spools supplier sold to us some time bad quality products, that some of them broken after delivery. But our filament all on good conditions, no problems on printing, we also supply technical support if encounter some problems.
I registered on May,2011 on this forums, we do in this industrial for more than two years. we suffer some problems original from raw PLA materials and the plastic spool, we are just a plastic extruder factory. and deliveried by Fedex always made some damages.

after you feed back the problem, we checked all of our spool, and we found solutions to fix the spool ,it is very easy with wire as show below,just 1-2 minutes each spool fix :
20120608310  20120608310

we agreed add more spools to you on your next order, but we can't accept send you filament on spool, the filament is well, you don't show us enough evident can't print with filament. we will do compensation resend filament at once if filament bad, can't printing, just like we do for USA,Euro resalers, we suggest you fix the spool or sale the filament on coil , no spool.

we also want to replace the spool, and we do a new batch ,that with new spool, as show below, that no paper carton inner ,whole plastic, we save money and do injection mould that marked with logo “3DD”, as show below :

and we will do more works on packaging like below ,we will do from next batch with new spool and paper box packaging, that can well avoid damage, we do the filament on spool, then on small paper box, then put big paper box,beautifully packaging,

we make the filament cheap, and we don't add risk cost on products, we sale to resalers, we have difficulty service to final users. we progressed in the past two years, make products more quality, we hope resalers can give us chance to grow, since we always work hard to associate with you.
Re: [SCAM] Be careful of a seller in China called "ESUN" or "SUN YA"
June 18, 2012 12:19AM
I bought from them that "makerbot" and electronics simply "burned" after 20 minutes of use!
open | download - foto.jpg (291.9 KB)
Re: [SCAM] Be careful of a seller in China called "ESUN" or "SUN YA"
June 25, 2012 12:25AM
MatheusBrum Wrote:
> I bought from them that "makerbot" and electronics
> simply "burned" after 20 minutes of use!

That looks like you shorted something and burned up a trace.

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Re: [SCAM] Be careful of a seller in China called "ESUN" or "SUN YA"
July 07, 2012 07:44AM
Hey man You are complaining about something thats actually a bliss...
These spools look like they are perfect for reuse...
I had to break my spool so I could modify it to take up new non spooled filament....
Then I put it together with tişe wraps..

Manufacturer of low tolerance Filaments PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, TPU, PA, PVA,
Hi there Aiden,

Interested to know more about your experience having read the company's response. I wan to buy some filament that's hard to get hold of in bulk, and ESUN seems to be a provider.

It seems like your problem was mainly with the way the filament was packaged.

If I assume that any filament I buy will be on reels that are bashed, broken and generally rubbish, do you think I will still be disappointed?

I am mostly interested in whether the filament prints OK, and is good value for money. So if it fundamentally works and I get the right amount in total, I'll be happy, even if I have to re-spool some of it or mess about with wire. Obviously you had different expectations and I have read the supplier's words first - caveat emptor.

Can you help me further understand the situation with this supplier based on this?

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