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[UK] Mendel90 - Beautiful, Assembled, Calibrated - Lots of pictures - Ship anywhere.

Posted by SanjayM 
Hi All,

We are a small 2 person start-up in the UK, we've built quite a few printers, for ourselves and friends but are now looking to start selling to the wider world.

Here is our Mendel90 (Original design by nophead, detailed on his excellent blog) that we are now offering for sale.

We have pulled out all the stops on this one, and really think it is one of the better available machines in terms of design, build quality, and having all the 'nice extras' as standard.

Here is an album of photos:

If there are any other angles or close-ups you would like to see, even if you aren't buying just post and we will do our best.

Some Specs:


RAMPS 1.3 Electronics, Stepstick Drivers with heatsinks fan air cooled (Can be turned to max current and not overheat).
12Volt 20Amp Bench Power Supply provides more than enough current.
Heated bed (Prusa type) with cut to size glass, supplied with blue tape applied for PLA printing out of the box.
All wiring meticulously neatly routed and managed, all neatly clipped down.
Ribbon Cable used for X and Z axes.
All cabling is of a high quality, and rated for high temperatures and currents well beyond what is required, (e.g heated bed and extruder heater)
USB and power cable supplied as standard.


8mm Silver Steel Precision Ground Shafts - for all axes.
LM8UU Bearings - for all axes.
Z-Axis Threaded rods are M5 for high precision, and are flexibly coupled to motor shafts thus eliminating any chance of 'Z-wobble'.
Frame is 12mm MDF which has been sealed with proper MDF sealant, and then painted. - This frame is extremely strong and rigid, see photos for proof.
Printable area is 200mm*200mm (X/Y) and 160mm (Z-Height)
T5 belting used throughout.
Precision adjustable Z-Endstop and sprung screw adjustable bed.


Wades Style Extruder, as per Nophead's Mendel90 design.
1.75mm Filament.
High Quality Hobbed Bolt - Machined by us with a 2BA tooth profile which provides fantastic grip - we have yet to experience 'chewed filament'.
Custom stainless insulated actively cooled Hot-End - Contains no PEEK or PTFE, all metal design will withstand temperatures well in excess of that ever required for thermoplastic extrusion. Extremely mechanically strong. - Details and design of this to be released and put on the wiki soon, we are very proud of this Hot-End!
Vishay sFernice 5R1 vitreous enamel heater resistor
Epcos 100k thermistor (on both bed and hot-end)

Calibration and Software
Machine is supplied running Marlin 1.0 - fully tuned and configured - print out of the box.
Machine will be supplied with a Slic3r configuration that has been extensively tuned and produces excellent quality prints.
Machine will be supplied with ready-to-run-on-windows copy of pronterface, integrated with slic3r - Just copy and paste, launch and print.
Linux/Mac users can use the supplied slic3r config.ini for easy setup.
Source code of Marlin firmware will be supplied with the machine, so user can make changes for more aggressive speed/acceleration values, and as a backup if the user flashes bad firmware.

Asking Price: £950 +P&P

We are happy to ship anywhere, even outside of Europe. Collection Available. (South West England)
We promise that whether you are in the UK or anywhere else in the world, that postage and packaging will only ever be exactly what it costs, never a penny more.

Any questions or comments just post away!
Re: [UK] Mendel90 - Beautiful, Assembled, Calibrated - Lots of pictures - Ship anywhere.
July 17, 2012 05:32PM
Nice Job.

I hope you are aware of all the regulations you need to comply with to sell electrical appliances in the UK and Europe. LVD, EMC, ROHS, WEEE, machinery directive, etc.

That is why most people sell kits only.

Cheers Nophead! Approval from the man himself means a lot to us! Any other thoughts?

Just to be clear, as I can see people might get the wrong idea from the post above, this ad is for the one-off printer in the photos, we are not yet doing a production run of assembled machines or anything like that.

It's a machine we put together to verify our designs for hot-ends etc that we are selling off just as per any other second-hand project machine on this forum or ebay etc. We aren't a firm, and this is just a private sale.

The selling of kits/parts/sub-assemblies/partially built kits etc is something we are looking into, but is a little way off for us yet!

Watch this space for images of print quality, some video, and details on the hot-end.
Will you do hot-ends for 3mm as well?
Hi Evilb,

We have prototypes, but they are not as extensively tested as the 1.75mm version. There is however very little difference and we are quite confident it should work.

Are you wanting just a hot-end, or are you interested in the machine posted but would want it supplied with a 3mm hot end?


Sanjay and Dave

We have decided to list this printer on Ebay - The starting bid is down £100 to £850 now.


You can still ask any questions here, or PM me for any other questions.

We have some more prototype printers we are looking to tidy up and sell off soon also, so if you want something specific we can probably accomodate - so get in touch!
evilb Wrote:
> Will you do hot-ends for 3mm as well?

Just a quick update,

This machine has had its plywood bed platform replaced with a CNC cut DiBond (Aluminium PE Composite material) bed platform.

This stuff is incredibly stiff and light, and doesn't warp under heat, so once your bed is level, it stays level.
As promised, here is the writeup for the hot-end, with lots of pics!

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